Car Rental Agreement

This "Vehicle Rental Agreement" (Briefly "Agreement") is an annex and an integral part of the VEHICLE DELIVERY FORM (Briefly "Form") signed between the parties. With this contract, AYHAN Tourism Social Services Ltd. Sti. (Briefly “Lessor”) leased the vehicle, whose owner or business owner is stated in the Form, to the Tenant whose name and address are on the Form, on the specified dates. The tenant declares and undertakes to use the vehicle subject to this contract in accordance with the conditions (rental period, return time, return station, etc.), to pay the rental fee in full and on time. By signing this contract, the Tenant assumes all obligations regarding the leased property. The lessee will not abstain from signing the Vehicle Delivery Forms to be drawn up during the delivery or return of the vehicle. It accepts, declares and undertakes in advance that it can put forward its objections and claims through expertise.
1) The address declared by the Tenant in the contract and its annexes is the legal notification address, and unless the Lessor is notified in writing of a change of address, all notifications to this address will be notified in accordance with the provisions of the Notification Law and will be deemed valid.
2) With the signing of this contract by the Tenant, it is essential that the vehicle in question is delivered in good working condition both mechanically and in terms of bodywork, that the vehicle is delivered as stated in the Form, and that any defects in the vehicle at the time of delivery are indicated on the Form. The parties agree that the Tenant will be deemed to have caused any defects detected during the return of the vehicle to the Lessor. The tenant accepts that there are no signs of damage or accident during the delivery of the vehicle, other than those defined in the Form.
3) The lessee will return the vehicle to the station where he rented the vehicle or to the Lessor's office at another place specified in the contract, as well as receiving all documents, accessory tools, and spare tire belonging to the vehicle. The tenant will demand baby seat, navigation device, etc. during the use of the rented vehicle. It is obliged to pay the additional rental fee to be notified by the Lessor of the additional services and equipment in accordance with the provisions of this contract.
4) All kinds of direct and indirect damages, losses, damages arising from the lessor and third parties, which are not demanded and collected from the insurance within the scope of traffic insurance rules, caused by misuse and / or carelessness and carelessness on the vehicle that the Lessee has received in good condition and in good condition. The Tenant is solely responsible for penalties and penalties.
5) Tenant must have at least 21 years old and 1 year driving license for economy group vehicles, 25 years and 2 years driving license for medium group vehicles, 28 years old and 5 years driver's license for upper group vehicles. It is possible for those who will use the vehicle other than the tenant, to have completed the periods in accordance with the general rental conditions, by notifying the Lessor in writing as an additional driver and/or by recording their information on the contract. Otherwise, the Tenant is solely responsible for all kinds of direct and indirect damages that may arise before both the Lessor and third parties.
6) The rental period is a minimum of 24 hours. For rentals shorter than this period, the rental fee will be calculated as 1 (one) day. The tenant is obliged to pay the rental fee calculated over the number of rental days of the daily rental fee in the current price schedule, in cash and in full. Apart from the tenant's rental fee;
a) 1/3 of the daily rental price for each hour in delays up to 3 hours, 1 day's rental fee in delays exceeding 3 hours,
b) The one-way fee that may arise at the end of the rental,
c) Since fuel, highway tolls, all kinds of parking and transportation costs, and all kinds of side expenses and expenses for the use of the leased property and all expenses incurred after the delivery of the leased property to the Tenant, belong exclusively to the Tenant, he is obliged to pay all the costs within this scope.
7) The tenant will make the payments by credit card, cash at the beginning of the rental period. The lessee accepts, declares and undertakes to pay 5% (five percent) monthly default interest as of the invoice date, without the need for any notice or warning, in case of non-payment of the rental fee, other fees under the contract and legal payments. At the beginning of the rental, a pre-authorization against the starting amount of the rental will be blocked from the Renter's credit card. Rental fee, all kinds of traffic and illegal passage etc. formed by the tenant pre-authorization. accepts in advance that he will not object to the collection of fines and damages.
8) It is possible to move the return date specified in the contract to a later date, with the approval of the Lessor, as well as the payment of the rental fee for the new rental period. It is not possible to extend the rental period without the consent of the Lessor, even if the rental fee is paid. This is a fixed-term lease agreement, and at the end of the term, the leased property will be returned to the Lessor without any warning or notice, unless the parties expressly agree to the contrary.
9) The lessee shall use the vehicle, which is the subject of the contract, in accordance with the Traffic Laws and Instructions, and shall abide by the traffic rules. The Tenant must comply with the Highways Law, Regulation and all relevant legislation. The lessee cannot avoid liability by claiming that he is unaware of these obligations as a driver. The tenant is responsible for all kinds of legal and penal costs incurred as a result of acts contrary to the legislation. Traffic fines that are not paid by the Tenant after the delivery of the leased property to the relevant vehicle will be paid by the Lessor within the legal period, provided that the Lessor and/or the relevant authorities are notified of the relevant fine, and will be collected from the Lessor by adding a service fee of 20 (twenty) TL for each transaction. will. The Lessee, upon the first written notification, immediately, without the need for a court decision, pays the price and the service fee, penal clause etc. that the Lessor has to pay. accepts, declares and undertakes in advance to pay all additional fees under any name.
10) It is forbidden to rent the rented vehicle in any form and under any condition, and to make it available to third parties even if it is free of charge.
a) By the driver who is not specified as an additional driver,
b) By pulling or pushing any vehicle,
c) In the transportation of passengers or goods against income,
d) Race, speed determination, rally, durability test, motor sports and on roads closed to normal traffic and unsuitable,
e) In road conditions that are not suitable for unsuitable terrain conditions, technical and enduring strengths determined by the manufacturer of the vehicle,
f) In the transport of substances contrary to customs legislation and other laws or in illegal works,
g) It is strictly forbidden to use it for any illegal purpose, in matters of terrorism, against the state and the law. In case of detection of any of these situations, all kinds of damages of the Lessor shall be borne by the Lessee immediately upon the first written notification. The Lessor's right to terminate the contract is reserved.
11) All legal compulsory insurances of the leased vehicle have been made by the Lessor. The lessee agrees and undertakes to meet the liability of damage and all related expenses without objection in case of damage to the vehicle under the following conditions:
a) If he is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and/or sleep-delaying drugs at the time of the accident,
b) In cases where the legal speed limits are exceeded (indicating that the accident occurred due to speeding in the accident report report) and the vehicle is used in violation of Traffic Laws in any way,
c) In cases where the traffic accident report (contracted report, police or gendarmerie report) is not received,
d) After the conclusion of this contract, if the Tenant loses his/her authority to drive with any party (e.g., seizure of license, any illness preventing traffic, etc.), he/she will immediately notify the Lessor of the situation and return the vehicle. In the event that the Tenant does not return the vehicle although he is not authorized,
e) In case of damage and/or accidents that occur as a result of the use of persons other than the Renter and those specified as additional drivers in the rental agreement,
f) In cases where the damage amount is not paid and/or the insurance company is not paid for any reason, pursuant to the general conditions of the motor insurance policy within the scope of the amendments to be made by the Undersecretariat of Treasury and/or the Turkish Insurance and Reinsurance Companies Association, to the legal regulations and related regulations,
g) General motor insurance rules are valid for theft of vehicles but in cases where insurance companies such as plagiarism do not qualify as theft, cannot be included in the scope of motor insurance and insurance companies do not make payments.
The lessee agrees to pay the cost of the vehicle and other damages in advance.
h) In any accident involving the Renter with the rented vehicle, if a penalty is given to the Renter due to alcohol, drugs, leaving the scene or in any way failing to comply with the general traffic rules, the Lessor shall bear all kinds of direct and indirect damages incurred due to the accident in addition to the rental fee. can request from
12) In case of an accident within the rental period of the lessee and the additional drivers identified, he is obliged to take the following measures to protect the interests of the lessor and the insurance company:
a) To take the maximum security measures that can be expected from himself, the vehicle and third parties,
b) Minute police and/or gendarmerie report etc. Providing all necessary traffic accident reports and documents and transmitting them to the Lessor
c) If possible, photocopies of the other party's driver's license, license and traffic policies should be taken, if not, the documents should be filled in completely,
d) Photographing the crime scene, if possible,
e) Notifying the nearest police or gendarmerie in the event of an accident resulting in material, mortal or bodily harm,
f) To deliver all documents related to the accident to the Lessor within twenty-four hours from the occurrence of the accident.
13) The tenant is obliged to park the vehicle in a closed and locked way to ensure all kinds of safety. In order to benefit from the theft insurance in case the vehicle is stolen; He is obliged to prove that he has taken the necessary precautions by returning the license and key and that he has made the necessary applications to the relevant police authorities. Otherwise, the Tenant is obliged to pay the current purchase price of the vehicle and other damages in cases where it is not included in the scope of insurance and no damage payment is made by the insurance company.
14) Treatment expenses for material damage to third parties and passengers in the vehicle are limited to the vehicle's compulsory traffic insurance limits, all responsibilities and liabilities that are not covered by traffic insurance belong to the Tenant, and all damages and damages that can be recourse to the Lessor due to the title of owner/operator. will be immediately met by the Tenant upon the first written request of the Lessor, without the need for a court decision.
15) The Lessor cannot in any way be held responsible for the loss, theft, plagiarism or damage of any property carried or left in the vehicle by the lessee. The Tenant releases the Lessor from any lawsuit, accusation, complaint and damage that may occur as a result of such loss and/or damage, and waives these rights.
16) Since the Lessor does not produce the vehicle, it cannot be held responsible in any way for any material and moral damages and losses that may occur as a result of mechanical or manufacturing faults of the vehicle or its spare parts. The parties agree that the Lessor's responsibility is limited to the delivery of the vehicle suitable for use and the fulfillment of the necessary maintenance without interruption.
17) In the event that the Tenant does not comply with any article of this contract, especially if he does not deliver the vehicle on the agreed date, the Lessor accepts and undertakes that the Lessor has the authority to immediately take back the vehicle in question wherever it is and without the need for any notice, warning or court decision. The Renter is obliged to pay immediately upon request any damage and expenses that may occur during the recovery of the vehicle by the Lessor. The Lessor is not responsible for the loss or damage of any object or item found in the vehicle during the recovery of the vehicle.
18) If the tenant does not deliver the vehicle despite the expiry of the contract, it is a crime under the provisions of the criminal law; He accepts and declares that he knows that he cannot do it.
19) A vehicle tracking system has been installed on the leased vehicles so that the Lessor can follow the leased vehicle and, if necessary, stop the vehicle and get it back. The lessee knows that the vehicle tracking system is installed on the rented vehicle, that the vehicle is tracked and that if he/she does not return the vehicle on the return date specified in this Agreement, and/or while the contractual relationship is in progress, the lessor can use this system to locate the vehicle and stop the vehicle, if deemed necessary, and He agrees to this matter and accepts, declares and undertakes in advance not to claim any compensation and/or damage under any name from the Lessor due to the stopping of the vehicle. The Lessor accepts, declares and undertakes that he will not abuse his authority to follow and stop the vehicle. In the event that the said Vehicle Tracking System is damaged, disassembled, attempted to be disassembled or interfered with the system in any way due to the reasons caused by the Tenant, the Lessor is responsible for all damages including the disassembly and installation of the system and the device fee.
shall be borne immediately by the tenant. The Tenant accepts in advance that all interventions to the Vehicle Tracking System mean the termination of this Agreement.
20) Stamp tax and all kinds of expenses arising from this contract belong to the Tenant.
21) The parties, in all kinds of disputes that may arise from the implementation of this contract, the books, documents, statements and all kinds of records of the parties, including telephone, video, audio and computer recordings, are subject to HMK m. 193 and has accepted and committed that it is definitive and exclusive evidence. In parallel with this, the Tenant also accepts and undertakes that he waives all kinds of defenses, objections and the right to offer "Oath that the records of the Lessor are duly kept" against those mentioned above. This article is in the nature of a contract of evidence.
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