About Us

Aycar Rent a Car
Ayhan Turizm Social Services Ltd., which has been serving in the same place in the car rental sector in Ankara for 23 years. Sti. Our company has gained the full trust of our valued customers with its experienced team, diverse vehicle park, and honest and principled service understanding and has continued to provide quality service for years without any problems. As a company that has proven our reliability, we are in a place where everyone can reach, one click away...
Rent A Car Insurance is our luxury and economic vehicles as well as our individual and corporate vehicles. "Contact Us" and request a quote for your long-term vehicle needs! Experience the privilege of a smooth and comfortable travel with 24/7 support with us! We wish you a good trip with the assurance of AYCAR (Ayhan Turizm Social Services Ltd. Şti.).

Our Mission

By understanding customer needs and expectations in the best way, offering them the most appropriate solutions and suggestions through the most accurate channel, delivering a wide range of products and services to every sector that is waiting for service in the fastest and most effective way, with its widespread service network and alternative distribution channels, sustainable and long-term To be a company that prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else, with a permanence based on

Our Vision

Providing widespread, reliable and the same quality service in Turkey, being the solution partner of companies in every sector in car rental, accepting the customer and human resources as the most valuable asset, constantly creating difference and value in accordance with its deep-rooted history, taking the example of its competitors, To be a leading company with a high market value, promising more than being a leasing company at the first stage.

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